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A single floor home packs plenty of great features into one level. Ranch floor plans are open and inviting with no need to trudge up stairs.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod homes are distinguished in style by higher pitched roofs, which create habitable second story living areas. They are the quintessential American home filled with charm and practicality.

Two Story

Two Story homes have the various standard features that come with every Rochester modular home, just on a larger scale for you and your family.

Why Go Modular

The Future of Housing

Modular or prefabricated houses (MOD) are homes of the future.

Faster Build Time

A prefabricated home is made up to 50% faster than traditional homes.

More Sustainable

Prefab machinery are equipped to deliver materials with less wastage and more efficient building components.

Cheaper Cost

The assembly line efficiency and speed in factory settings cuts the cost of home building up to 15%.

Built to Code

Modular homes are built to the same standards as a traditional home. This is not true for mobile homes.

NOT Mobile or Manufactured (HUD)

Thorne's uses homes that are equivalent to stick-built homes that are sealed into a foundation. They are not moveable and are built to code.

From Design to Moving Day

Here is a quick glance at a home building process.

Choose a builder
Acquire property
Select home and options
Builder starts construction bids
Order Home
Build home on production line / Foundation
Set home on foundation
Site inspection and C of O
Search for financing
Decide on new home budget
Secure financing
Review details and financing
Builder acquires permits and starts site work
Ship to site
Finish on-site construction

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We do everything from Start to Finish

We guide you through the process of getting your home built. This includes everything from breaking ground, finances, septic and permits, to the finishing touches. There is no such thing as hidden costs at Thorne's. Move-in day to your dream home has never been closer.


Your dream home Brought to Life

We are highly skilled at using architect software (CAD design). We can take any floor plan you choose and completely customize it to your desires. From the little details on the interior to the big ones on the exterior - we make a home you will love.


Quality homes with a Support Team

We do all our own warranty work and meet every challenge for you. Thorne's has been serving Indiana for 30+ years and is just a phone call away.

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We use Rochester prefabricated homes​

Rochester Homes embodies the Midwestern virtues of valuing people, hard work and treating others the way you would like to be treated.

We use computer-aided design software to customize your home

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