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We guide you through the process of getting your home built. This includes everything from breaking ground, finances, septic and permits, to the finishing touches. There is no such thing as hidden costs at Thorne’s. Move-in day to your dream home has never been closer.

From start to finish

We guide you through the process of getting your home built. Move-in day to your dream home has never been closer.

Quality construction

Our specialized team will ensure you get the best while avoiding delays and mistakes along the way to a finished home.

Browse possibilities

At Thorne’s, we will  walk you through the entire process of home buying. First, we will show you the possibilities including our display models you can see in person. The customization options are endless from the grades of counters and flooring to mix and match bathrooms.

Our Process

Site Consultation
At Thorne’s we offer individualized site consultations. We want to see where your dream home is going to be. This ensures that there are no surprises when we are designing. Things like trees, power lines, elevations of the property, etc., all need to be taken into consideration when we are planning. Talking through your plans gives us a more personal feel for what you are visualizing and is of great value when we go to draw your plan. Not only do we hear your visions, we can also give added view points that might be beneficial to you.
See your home brought to life
We will assist you in visualizing your dream home through high-tech design software. The program allows us to simulate what your ideal home will look like. Once we draw your floor plan, we have the capability of giving you interior and exterior color renderings. Exterior features and adding elevation to your plan allow you to visualize what your home will look like on your property. We can add trees, ponds, hills, etc. during this phase. We don’t stop at the exterior. Our program offers a wide variety of name brand libraries so you can see the exact features of your home’s interior. We consider this program to be one of our most valuable assets that sets us apart from other home builders.
CAD Design
Interior Customization
Forget the floor plans pictures! You can customize your house entirely to your tastes. There are a multitude of possibilities. Choose your countertop color, vinyl or carpet flooring, interior trim, lighting, cabinets, doors, fireplace, faucets, and so much more.
Designing Your Home
Exterior Customization
There are tons of beautiful options for designing the exterior of your home. You can choose the siding, shingles, shutters, gable or shed roof, recessed entry, windows and anything else you desire.
Designing Your Home
Get helped through the complicated world of home mortgages. Although we don’t offer financing through our company, we are very experienced in working with banks. We will prepare a banking packet for you, so you can be prepared when going to speak with your loan officer. Our homes qualify for all conventional mortgage programs, and our homes meet the same mortgage rules and regulations that site-built homes do.
Pre construction
We have been in business for over 30 years. It taught us that we need our own equipment to best serve our customers. All of our staff are well qualified and experienced in many types of excavation. Some of the projects we have completed are tree clearing, digging basements, digging foundations, tearing down existing structures, moving dirt, and any other job necessary to get your house site ready. Whatever your project may be, we are confident we can serve you. We are licensed, insured and bonded for all types of work.
Site preparation
Ah, foundations, the building blocks of – houses. You can’t build a great house on a weak foundation. That’s why we are about to get technical.
Site preparation
There are several different types of septic systems. We are a licensed installer in several Indiana Counties as well as carry an IOWPA License and a Septic Bond. We work at staying skilled and educated on the most up to date information to ensure that the type of system used in your project is the correct and most practical of the types of systems available. Soil testing and permits are among the initial phases of determining which septic system your property will require. At Thorne’s Homes, we will assist with whatever protocols your county has.
Inspections & Other Permits
Once the home is completed on site, more inspections are completed. At Thorne’s Homes we meet with each of these inspectors personally, whether it be a septic, foundation, electrical, or a structural inspector. We acquire any permits that are needed so your house construction goes smoothly.
Setting the House
Heating & Cooling
There is a wide variety of Heating and Cooling options that can be chosen. Choices range from wood, coal, your typical heat pump, geothermal, etc. Every situation is different with different variables that can lead you to choosing a particular system over another, so the different options of heating and cooling are discussed in depth among us and our customers. We carry a state license for HVAC and work at staying up to date and skilled in several of these options.
The depth of the basement will be determined by perimeter elevations and ground conditions at the bottom of the basement. Footers are usually 2′ wide and at least 8″ deep with 2 runs of rebar. On exposed walls, the bottom of the footers will be below frost level. The top of the walls will be 9′ off of footers. Wall thickness will vary depending on brick ledges and the length of straight sections and backfill pressures. Spray on waterproofing will be applied on the exterior portion of any wall that is to be backfilled. If the walls are exposed to floor level, they may be studded out of 2×6 lumber with doors and windows to match the house. A top plate will be installed on the exterior walls with anchor bolts on 4′ intervals and within 1′ of the end of each board. Sewer lines will be installed for future toilet and main floor sewer. All water connections will come out of the ceiling of the basement. Leach drain will be installed under the floor to a gravity flow outlet. Gravel will be under the floor. The floor will be poured at least 4″ thick. The concrete in the walls and floor will be 4000 mix or better. There will be rebar on 2′ to 3′ intervals. There will be wire mesh in the floor. There will be steps from the main floor down into the basement. There will be 6 fluorescent lights installed and also 6 receptacles. A perimeter drain will be installed outside of the basement and backfilled with #7 stone to original soil elevation. The basement will have heating and cooling.
Finishing Touches
We build porches that are entirely maintenance free. Our porches are made with a concrete floor and footers that are directly attached to the basement with concrete and steel. This makes it much less likely to separate away from the house. Read on for the specifications of how we build… Porches options vary in size depending upon the size and shape of the house. Generally, the same type of footer will be used on the porch as the foundation of the house. The floor will be a 4” broom finished concrete pad poured with 4000 mix concrete (and will be sawed for control joints). It will sit on a brick ledge of the house foundation and also on top of the 8” block on the sides and front of the porch or poured walls. Pre-cast concrete steps are used to take you from the yard level to the porch level and there will be an 8” step from the concrete pad of the porch into the front door. Porch posts will be a vinyl covered decorative type post, normally positioned 8’ apart. There are many different styles of rails to choose from so they are not normally included in the porch price, unless specified. The roof pitch will vary from a 3/12 to 7/12 pitch depending upon design, all valleys are laced. It will have fascia, soffit, downspouts and gutters that all match the house. The ceiling will be vinyl with ceiling fan box(s) installed and wired.
Finishing Touches
At Thorne’s we use room trusses with a pull down ladder for access to provide storage in the attic of the garage. The garage will be studded on 16″ centers with 2’x6′ studs with R19 Fiberglass insulation in the walls and blown in insulation to match the house ceiling. There will be two walk through doors and two 9′ electric garage doors on each side. The windows and doors will have a 2’x12′ header all of which will be trimmed to match the house. There will be four windows and four fluorescent lights on three way switches and at least two exterior lights to match the house. The walls will be drywalled, finished and primed with electrical outlets spaced 6 ft. apart, with GFI protection. The foundation of the garage will be a minimum of 32″ deep and the 4″ floor will be within 8″ of the house floor. The floor will have a drain going to the outside.
Finishing Touches

How we build.

Want to know more about how your foundation or garage will be built?

Move-in day never looked closer

Once you decide on a design and get financing ready, the home is ordered. In the meantime, we prepare the site for the house. Houses are built in just 4-6 weeks. We are on site for 30-90 days from breaking ground to move-in day. 


Choose a builder
Acquire property
Select home and options
Builder starts construction bids
Order Home
Build home on production line/Foundation
Set home on foundation
Site inspection and C of O
Search for financing
Decide on new home budget
Secure financing
Review details and financing
Builder acquires permits and starts site work
Purchase for home/Excavation
Ship to site
Finish on-site construction

We use Rochester homes

After your home is 60 to 80 percent completed inside the Rochester Homes production facility, the individual units are delivered to the homesite on specially designed transporters. The units are then installed on either your crawlspace or basement foundation by a large crane.

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