Ah, foundations, the building blocks of – houses. You can’t build a great house on a weak foundation. That’s why we are about to get technical.

We will dig a diagonal ditch across the foundation and install a perforated 4″ SDR pipe extending to a natural drain away from the foundation, which is filled with a #7 stone. We then dig 24″ wide and 8″ deep footers and dig down the center with center peers every 8′. Next, 2 runs of 1/2″ rebar are installed and grade stakes set at exact height approximately every 4′. The footers are poured with 4000 mix concrete and floated to the top of the grade stakes. Blocks are laid 8″ off of the edge of the footer at the exact size of foundation print 32″ high.

We install a perimeter drain around the entire exterior of the foundation to a gravity outlet and cover with #7 stone or install a sump pump. A crawlspace door and center peers are installed for access. Some crawlspaces are heated and cooled to help control humidity situations.

We install a treated 2×8 top plate with anchor bolts every 4′ and within 1′ of the end of each board. We also add 2″ of Styrofoam on the inside of the foundation and install downspout drains at each corner. We backfill the home with the dirt taken out of the crawlspace to within 12″ of the top of the blocks leaving a 6″ slope away from the foundation.

Needless to say, we make sure your house will sit comfortably for the foreseeable future.

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