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Home Consultation
At Thorne`s Homes we are very interested in what you want in a home. We will help design the home once a floor plan has been chosen and give suggestions that might be desired in the planning process. Your floorplan will be drawn up on our Architectural Design Program and your options and colors will completed in the house. A visual documentation of the completed house will then be shown. The consultation will educate you on the quality and construction of our homes. We can also custom build your floor plan or you can choose from a selection of engineered floor plans..

Site Inspection
A site inspection will be scheduled, at your convienence,  to discuss the placement of the house and any other site work that may be needed, such as utilities, driveways, sidewalks, waterways, etc.

Site Work
Equipment will be brought in and the foundation or basement will be completed on a date prior to the home being brought in and set. Our Foundation and Site Work Specifications will explain what takes place. Any additional site work such as septic, well, driveway, garages, porches, basements, sidewalks, heating and cooling, landscaping, etc., are optional.

Home Set
Thornes Homes will do the complete set of the home with the assistance of a local crane. The home will then be finished entirely by our own crew. Our Construction Details describes the procedures involved in the home being completed.

Descriptions of Our Services:

Foundation and Site Work Specifications
Construction Details
Site Built Porch Specifications
Basement Specifications
Garage Specifications

Note: These are just our recommendations.  Any of the specifications can change per your request or due to house design.