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Thorne’s Homes is a fully licensed and insured homebuilder owned and operated by J. David Thorne and Kathy Thorne, Husband and Wife. They started the company in 1984, assisted by David’s father, Thomas Thorne. David’s Father is not in the business any longer, but now their son, Travis, his wife, Amber, and their daughter, Laura, are now fully involved.

Our construction crew, along with the sub-contractors we’ve developed relationships with over the years, have been working together building basements, foundations, houses, garages, porches, septics, well systems, driveways and numerous other projects, for almost thirty years.

Our Purpose
Thorne’s #1 purpose is to continue building homes for customers and make it as “worry-free” as possible.  We strive to be "turn key", so we can assist you will all your needs. We also strive to meet deadlines that are set, and we also want the homebuyer to know “up front” what their total investment is. We also stress the importance of construction quality to the homebuyer. We display homes that are built to the highest quality of standards. We also reassure the homebuyer that they do not need to find other contractors to finish the work.

Thorne’s Homes is proud of its commitment to customer satisfaction and we look forward to serving our area in the many years to come.

Thorne’s Homes is backed by a Manufacturers’ warranty, but Thorne’s is the one that will do any warranty work that is needed, instead of the homebuyer waiting for someone to come from the Manufacturer.

Thorne’s has been involved in the home business for many years and one thing we have noticed is that there is very little warranty work needed any more because of the quality of workmanship and materials that are in the homes being built today.

Customer Satisfaction
Over the past thirty years, we have completed several hundreds of home projects in the area.  We have obtained continued growth and customer satisfaction. Everyone here at Thorne`s Homes realizes customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

Thorne's completed a Medical Facility for St. Vincent Dunn Hospital.  (Pictures to the right).  Commercial Construction is now going toward Modular Construction because of the design flexibility, energy efficiencies, time factors, and less impact on areas during the construction process.